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Simply Raw Dog Feed

Beef, Salmon & Egg

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One of our Premium Blends, the Beef, Salmon & Egg recipe is a simple, high-value diet that your pooch will adore. It makes an excellent base for other added ingredients, or serves perfectly on its own!

This recipe consists of 50% Canadian Beef (10% high-value beef heart, liver and kidney organ meats), 30% Pacific Wild Salmon, and 20% Whole Egg

Nutritional Breakdown (Dry Matter Basis):

Protein: 62.01%

Fat: 25.94%

Ash: 7.06%

Calcium: 6.8%

This product is sold in 20 lb boxes, portioned out to 1/3 lb frozen pucks. For wholesale opportunities or orders over 100 lbs, please email

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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Jessica Gaffney
Amazing!!!! My dogs favorite

Incredible quality, great easy delivery. I recommend this to all my friends

Rhiannon B
Can’t wait to try more!

My dog is now excited for meal time, and is more likely to lick his bowl clean. Definitely will try the mixed box next.

Lisa Noel
Buyer Beware

I ordered five boxes and have four dogs of various breeds and sizes. Unfortunately, none of them liked the food as it has way too much filler, which is too bad because it's reasonably priced, local and delivered. When I tried to refund the 4/5 boxes, the company pretended to give the refund, but upon inspection, they only gave a refund for three and did not inform me until I questioned them. I guess under their refund policy; they do say they do not accept open or half-eaten but will sort out the issues... the way they sorted out mine was to keep the food and money. It is not your local pet store when you can bring back open and tried food for a full refund. After their explanation, they kindly told me to have a nice day!

so good! dogs love this blend

My dog goes crazy over raw food they absolutely loved this blend. We love simply raw. Such high quality food.

Michelle O’Reilly
Dogs LOVE it!

Our Poochies love the texture and the taste of this delicious food! And we love the convenient size of the pucks.