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Simply Raw Dog Feed

Simply Sampler Box

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You suggested, we listened! Pleased to offer our brand new Simply Sampler pack. Perfect for those new to raw feeding and curious what blend to try, or long term feeders who love to switch up daily! Can never go wrong with the variety pack! 

Box Contents

  • 5 lbs Beef, Salmon & Egg Blend
  • 5 lbs Simply Chicken w/Organ
  • 5 lbs Turkey & Beef w/Veggies
  • 5 lbs Salmon w/Egg & Brown Rice Blend 

This product is sold in 20 lb boxes, portioned out to 1/3 lb frozen pucks. For wholesale opportunities or orders over 100 lbs, please email

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Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Juliana Oliveira
Highly Recommend

Let's start from the beginning, website is great and easy to find what you are looking for, nice pictures of the meals explaining what they have in it. I would suggest adding calories count to the pucks (if they are not there yet and I completely missed it).
Delivery was spot on and they brought it up to my door, very nice.
Customer service - 10/10 so far
I order the sampler box for my girl as we are transitioning her to a healthier diet, we needed to know what she likes. The box comes with separation for each flavour and a sticker to let you know which one is each. I'm telling you that so you do not mess up the position like I did. lol . Also, make sure you got room in your freezer to all of it!!!
My 🐶 girl seems to be a bit picky with raw food still, but as I said, this is a transition from kibbles only, and she is getting used to the texture and flavours, for now I'm cooking the pucks for her and she ABSOLUTELY LOVE them. From the sampler box she did not love the Salmon/Rice/Egg one only. But the other 3 recipes are a great success over here!
I noticed that her poop is nice and she gets satisfied with a puck a day (divided in two meals) + about 30/40g of kibbles in each meal.
She is small and very active.
I'm happy with the experience so far.

Great Food

Both of my dogs love their dinners now

James Ablitt
So far everything is great

Our delivery came on time and was placed on our porch in a manner that accounted for the least amount of sun shining on the boxes. We were very impressed. We order lots of variety to pinpoint our dog’s favourite flavor. So far they like all of it! The pucks are very easy to deal with. Overall it has been an excellent experience.

Jennifer Slack
Simply raw is simply great!

I purchased the “sampler” for my pup that is becoming more food fussy. Now he enjoys his meals, and I’m not wasting time and money trying out raw recipes that my dog won’t eat. Thanks, team, for providing local, nutritional raw food options in the Lower Mainland!

Richard Kitchener
Sampler pack review

My dog really likes the variety of the sampler pack. Its a great option for her so she is not stuck with one type of protein for long periods of time.