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Simply Raw Dog Feed

Simply Beef Tripe

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Simply put, Green Beef Tripe is a super food! Incredibly high in nutrients, enzymes and probiotics, our Pure Tripe will be irresistible to your pooch. “Green” meaning unbleached, unwashed and unprocessed, so owners know their dogs are getting the real deal! This recipe may be fed alone, or mixed in with other favourites. Enjoy!

100% Simply Beef Tripe

Nutritional Breakdown (Dry Matter Basis):

Protein: 52.95%

Fat: 40.35%

Fibre: 2.02%

This product is sold in 20 lb boxes, portioned out to 1/3 lb frozen pucks. For wholesale opportunities or orders over 100 lbs, please email

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Dog loves it!

My puppy gobbles this right up! I add a puck to her meals a few times a week. Easy way to get those healthy digestive enzymes into my puppy! Smell isn't too bad - I feed it partially frozen.

Anita Messelink
Glad I switched to raw!

My dog loves it. Prices are affordable and no more bloody diarrhea. Thank you Simply raw!

Simply beef tripe for gut health

Simply beef tripe provides pre and probiotics naturally - so good for my pups’ gut health. I give them one or two daily as a supplement. They love it!

Marita Novak
I feed Tripe to my dogs every day , it's the best for them 🐾🐾

My dogs LOVE your Beef Tripe, it's their Favorite 🐾🐾

Chloe Ralph
Best raw in town

Our dogs love this brand and we love the quality. Couldn’t ask for a better local raw food brand or a better company to support. We are simply raw lifers!!!