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Simply Raw Dog Feed

Pur Evolution Seal Oil

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250ml Bottle

Pur Evolution presents its pure and natural seal oil with analysis for human consumption standards. Truly Canadian, our refined oil is the perfect combination of the benefits of three sources of Omega-3, paired with exceptional quality. Are you looking for an oil with a complete fatty acid profile, the lowest risk of oxidation on the market, without a strong odor and prepared for you with rigorous quality control? Do not hesitate!

Our formula is suitable for cats and dogs of all life stages. Now you can deliver all the scientifically proven benefits and boost the health of your favorite companion. We follow the daily recommendations according to the AAFCO, and scientific research. 


ADH/DHA 8.14% 8.14 g/100g 73 mg/ml or 366 mg/5ml

AEP/EPA 6.28% 6.28 g/100g 54 mg/ml or 283 mg/5ml

ADP/DPA 4.22% 4.22 g/100g 36 mg/ml or 190 mg/5ml

Ingredients: Seal oil, tocopherols (vit E)

Benefits of Omega-3

Our oil is your ally to meet daily nutritional needs and promote a good immune system. You will find the benefits of OMEGA-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA but also the advantage of EPA, an almost unique source. These three combined sources interact simultaneously for optimal benefits. This symbiosis of omega-3 is an added value for the health of your companions. 
- Skin and coat

- Anti-inflammatory  

- Joint mobility and maintenance

- Immune system 

- Maintains cognitive 

- Cardiovascular support

- Growth and reproduction 

Beneficial properties of seal oil

- 100% Natural

- Limited oxidation and optimized storage time: When our oil is stored as recommended, it is naturally the most stable and can be stored safely for longer. 

- Very light odor and taste 

- The only oil to offer omega-3 in the form of DPA  

- Made, refined and bottled in Canada ! 

- Distributed by a 100% Quebec company

- Superior absorption rate and quickly assimilated

- Safe alternative for dogs with allergies to fish products and for sensitive stomachs. 

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Chicken Yummy

My dog will now not eat anything else. He loves the chicken.