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Simply Raw Dog Feed

Salmon, Egg & Brown Rice

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Another premium blend, our Salmon, Egg & Brown rice recipe is the perfect solution for pooches with poultry allergies or intolerances. We take out the poultry, but not the flavour!

This recipe consists of 60% Wild Pacific Salmon, 30% Whole Egg, and 10% Brown Rice

Nutritional Breakdown:

Protein: 54.2%

Fat: 23.1%

Ash: 11.2%

Calcium: 9.8%

This product is sold in 20 lb boxes, portioned out to 1/3 lb frozen pucks. For wholesale opportunities or orders over 100 lbs, please email

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Garrett Romaniuk

Will continue to order.

Selena soares
Not the favourite

I like the idea of the salmon, fish is great for healthy fat, and am happy with it. But I think it’s my dogs least favourite flavour. Only kind they don’t always finish.

Tina Sherman
Too many egg shells

Hello, I was so excited for my dog to try this. Due to many allergies, the Salmon, egg and brown rice was the only option. She ate the first box, but she will not eat the second box. There is a lot of egg shells in this recipe. I didn’t realize the shell was included with the egg. I’m sure it doesn’t feel too good coming out the other end. I would be willing to try again if you ever change the recipe and don’t add in the egg shell.

Elaine Hunt
Dogs didn’t eat it

I’m sorry out of my three dogs none would eat it.
Out of my daughters two dogs one ate it party
Out of my sons two mastiffs only one ate it.

Wish I found you sooner!!

Amazing customer service! Ordering and delivery is so easy and straight forward. Our two dogs absolutely love the salmon recipe.

Thank you so much for always answering my questions promptly!