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Simply Raw Dog Feed

Blueberry Bone-In Duck

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Blueberries, Kale, a splash of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and our high quality Bone-In Duck make up this amazing recipe. Poultry allergies? Not here! This novel protein is great for dogs prone to food sensitivities/allergies. Try it today, you (and especially your dog) will not be disappointed!

This recipe consists of 90% Bone-In Duck Meat, 5% Fraser Valley Blueberries, 5% Fraser Valley Kale, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Nutritional Breakdown (Dry Matter Basis):

Protein: 40.42%

Fat: 51.51%

Calcium: 3.94%

This product is sold in 10lb and 20lb boxes, portioned out to 1/3lb frozen pucks. For wholesale opportunities or orders over 100lbs, please email

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Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Paula Hara
Blueberry Bone-In Duck

This was my dog's first time trying this flavour, and he loved it! It's now his new favourite, so I'll definitely order it again.

Robert Goldenberg
Great Food & Delivery

Our Big Pup Loves All There Recipes Hard To Tell Which One He Likes Best. He Will Leave His Kibble In His Dish & Waits For His Raw

Walter Smith
Scratch no more

We’ve been trying to find a solution to Dexter’s (our Aussie Shepherd’s) chewing of his paws and scratching in his ears for a couple of years with no success. My brother suggested trying a raw food diet. We bought 3 boxes of the beef which he enjoyed immensely but was still chewing his paws bloody. I read on the website that duck with blueberries might help and within a week he stopped chewing his paws. Unbelievable.

Amanda Bennett
Great product

The dogs love the food, and getting the blends/ meals is convenient to have everything in one package. The variety of options is great. Having it delivered as well is an added bonus. The sizing of the pucks is good for thawing as well as portioning out for meals.


Duck is always her favorite